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Heat sink manufacturers are all around the world but choosing the right one can be a challenge. The United States has one of the largest industries when it comes to heat sink, multiple companies are providing high-quality heat sinks with varying features. You may feel confused about partnering with the right supplier in the USA. This is what you will learn in this article.

Heat sinks are crucial for the better performance of your devices, whether they are electrical or mechanical components. Your devices generate heat when performing certain functions. To have their performance efficient, you require efficient heat dissipation.

You can use heat sinks as cooling components for your devices for efficient heat dissipation. Continue reading to learn about the USA’s top 10 heat sink manufacturers.

Pioneer Thermal

Pioneer Thermal was founded in 2003, factory is based in China, with office in Singapore and USA. Now we have become the leading custom heat sinks manufacturers, Pioneer Thermal’s presence in the market is the reason for including us in the US list. We can meet all your needs regarding design, prototype, and production.

Pioneer Thermal has 19 years of experience with 100+ stable clients worldwide. Some amazing reasons to choose Pioneer Thermal over other brands are listed below:

●      Strong problem-solving capabilities.

●      Offices in China, the USA, and Singapore.

●      Advanced Thermal Solutions for your devices

●      High quality and low prices due to matured production line.

●     We have a primary facility of 91,000 sq. ft equipped with high-quality industry-leading manufacturing machines.

●      We can design almost all types of heat sinks.

●      We hold certifications in IATF16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001.

●     Engineers at Pioneer Thermal use advanced software to plan the design of your heat sinks, such as AutoCAD, ProE, Solidworks, and CFD.

●      We give professional advice about your heat sink’s manufacturing process.

●      We make your work easier through a one-stop partner.

●      Wecommunicate seamlessly to save you time.

●      We provide designing and simulation services for the following thermal products:



AAVID is a part of Boyd corporation with an amazing history of fabricating, optimizing, testing, designing, and developing high-quality cooling solutions. It provides its cooling practical thermal energy solutions across multiple industries.

They are always doing consistent product innovations to optimize cooling devices. The best part about them is their 50 years of experience.

AAVID uses the latest and traditional range of technologies to improve its cooling medical devices and rapidly dissipate heat. They provide a wide range of heat sinks that helped them earn a name and respect in the USA.

They provide high-performance blowers, complex airflow patterns, and a larger heat capacity for their heat sinks.



Wakefield manufacturers have been giving their services since 1957; since that day, they only rose in one direction; up. They give their thermal solutions to international fortune 50 companies to small-sized businesses. They have served multiple industries such as information technology, power conversion, transportation, consumer, factory automation, etc.

Some products include LED heat sinks, thermal extrusions, heat frames and pipes, heat exchangers, fans, liquid cold plates, coolant distribution units, and liquid cold plates. These products of Wakefield can help you meet the challenging thermal requirements of today’s high packaging densities of electronics.

ATS (Advanced Thermal Solutions)


ATS is a leading-edge engineering company that focuses on high-quality cooling solutions. ATS is known across the globe for its high-quality services to multiple large and small industries. Note that ATS was founded in 1989. But then, it only gave its services as heat sinks consultant. However, it later turned into a heat sinks solutions provider.

ATS has an amazing portfolio of more than 450 heat sinks with ultra-performance and high performance. They have research-quality test equipment and leading-edge R&D. ATS’s larger customer base. Therefore, they also started offering advanced cooling systems, liquid cooling systems, advanced fan trays, and next-generation thermal energy test instruments.



OHMITE has also earned a name in the world’s top heat sink manufacturers. The manufacturers offer a wide range of heat sinks with high-quality extrusions and thermally conductive materials. They help multiple industries meet their needs for power resistors and active devices.

The best part about OHMITE extruded aluminum heat sinks a patented clip system. This system doesn’t need holes and screws to install heat sinks. This system aims to achieve a more streamlined assembly process with easy installation.

OHMITE can offer heat sinks for multiple applications ranging from large custom extrusion profiles to single-device screw-mounted heat sinks with very low thermal resistance.

C&H Technology


C&H technology is another leading bonded fin heat sinks company in the USA that provides its products worldwide. They have manufactured thousands of products in the past years and have become a global leader. They specialize in heat sinks, thermistors, capacitors, resistors, box clamps, bar clamps, assemblies, bridge rectifiers, thyristors, and rectifiers.

C&H was founded in 1979 through an agreement with an Italian manufacturer to sell their products in the USA. It was in 1997 when they started to manufacture amazing aluminum heat sinks. Having forty years of experience helped them gain many satisfied customers. They always to industrial manufacturing standards with rigorous personal tests.

PSI Industries


PSI industries is another leading manufacturer of heat sinks in the USA. According to PSI industries, “We Do It All – We Do It Well. It leads to the fact that they can provide you with all kinds of heat solutions in the best possible ways. They specialize in extruded heatsinks. They give you full custom heat sink manufacturing.

PSI industries company was founded in 1995. Since that day, they have been making progress in heat sink solutions. They use manufacturing software to help them plan the whole manufacturing process.

Miba Manufacturers – DAU Heat Sinks


Miba manufacturers provide heat sinks through their partner DAU company. They give heat sink solutions in heat pipes, air or water cooling. From mechanical testing and simulation to designing and manufacturing your products, DAU heat sinks always give you the best possible services.

They have been developing complex cooling solutions for over 50 years. You should know that DAU company was founded in 1970. It partnered with Miba manufacturers in 2010. Looking for highly efficient cooling solutions? DAU heat sinks may help you out.

HeatSink USA


Heatsink USA is a family-owned business located in Greenville, Michigan, USA. They started their company by selling materials for aluminum heat sinks online. They quickly realized the importance of selling aluminum extruded heatsinks to R&D departments, small businesses, and hobbyists.

Align Sourcing


Align sourcing is another reliable thermal energy solution brand with branches in the USA, Russia, and China. They supply their products on international as well as local levels. They have provided thermal electronics and thermal management solutions to multiple sectors for over 30 years.

Align Sourcing focuses on high-density heat sinks. They provide brazed or solder fin, skived, bonded fin heat sinks, and extruded heatsinks. They also manufacture high-quality liquid cold plates. If you are finding a manufacturer will almost all types of cooling solutions, you should try to partner with Align Sourcing.


As there are 10 most famous heat sinks manufacturers in the USA explained above, you may still find it hard to choose the right one. Note that the best manufacturer is the one that can fulfill your thermal management needs within your offered budget. Moreover, the best customer service shows how well a manufacturer pays attention to your requirements.

The heat sink absorbs thermal energy and keeps your device cool. However, the performance of heat sinks depends upon the right manufacturer.

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