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In the past 19 years, we have build 14m+ extrusion heat sinks, inlcuding but not limited to extrusion heat sink assembled to heat pipe/copper tube/cold plate.

Pioneer Thermal have built 14M+ extrusion heat sinks

Extrusion heat sink is the most common heat sink used today, they are manufactured by placing  aluminum alloy in an extrusion barrel and a certain pressure is applied to make it flow out of a specific die hole to obtain the desired cross-sectional shape and size, which is low cost, high efficiency and easy to operate, then it will cut to the required size. It can assemble heat pipe to become a heat pipe heat sink, assemble forged part or copper tube/stainless steel tube to become a cold plate etc. 


Extrusion heat sink is suitable for various shapes of models and can maximize the heat dissipation area in the effective space, thus increasing the heat exchange effect with air and optimizing the cost and thermal performance of the product.

Extrusion heat sink are usually used in LED, industrial equipment, photovoltaic,  communication equipment and automotive.

The Best Choicing Customized heat sink service

Own Heat Sink Factory

75000 foot square facility with mature production line covering CNC machining, extrusion, stamping, cold forging, die casting, skiving fin, heat pipe assembly, water cooling plate, friction stir welding, vapor chamber and heat sink assembly.

Free Design

Our R & D team has 10 design engineers with bachelor degree and 12+ years’ design experience. We can design the extrusion heat sink based on your thermal requirement and free of charge, to help you solve the thermal challenges.

Build Prototype

We can make the extrusion heat sink prototype by CNC machine to verify the performance before investing an extrusion tooling, to save your cost.

Our extrusion heat sink features

We can achieve 0.3mm fin thickness, fin height/fin gap >13mm, maximum diagonal 450mm, to meet your unique demand.

Extrusion heat sink experience

We have built various heat sink types: normal extrusion heat sink assembled spring and pin, extrusion heat sink assembled heat pipe, big extrusion heat sink brazed forged parts to become a cold plate etc. to meet your various demand.

Quick Turnaround

Prototype can be finished in 7 days, production can be finished in 21 days. Flexible L/T based on your urgency.


" We Only Deliver Top Quality Extrusion Heat Sink "

Our Production Process

The extrusion heat sink main process is below:

  1. Extruded raw material by extrusion tooling.
  2. CNC machining/saw cut/cross cut to required shape.
  3. Assembly heat pipe/cope tube/stainless steel tube/spring/screw to get the finished heat sink


The material of extruded heatsink is mostly AL6063 & AL6061 & AL6082. Various finishing is available at Pioneer Thermal such as:

  • Anodize in different color: Black/Blue/Yellow/Red etc.
  • Electrophoresis (E-coating)
  • Powder coating
  • Painting
  • Nickel plated
  • Chromate

Our Inspection Process

Incoming Inspection
  • Incoming inspection of the raw materials to ensure that the material meets the specifications for the application.
In-Process Inspection
  • First article inspection and AQL is performed by CMM, projector, height gauge, calliper, film tester, roughness tester etc., to verify that the heat sink meets all dimensional requirements and to ensure that it has a smooth surface finish.
Finished Product Inspection
  • Check dimension by calipers, height gauge & CMM
  • Visual inspection is performed to verify that there are no cosmetic defects
  • FAI, RoHS & SGS is always provided to customer
Out-Going Inspection
  • Cosmetic Inspection
  • Drop Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Label information

Pioneer Thermal Provides OEM And ODM Service For Extrusion Heatsink

If you have drawing, we can manufacture the heatsink by following every requirement on it.

If you do not have a drawing, we can create it for you.

If you need to design an extrusion heat sink, let us know the requirement and we can design a heat sink that is perfect for your device.

FAQ For Extrusion Heat Sink

Yes, we can make the prototype by saw blade cutting or CNC machining to avoid opening the extrusion tooling at initial stage of the project, to help you save the cost. 

For serial order, MOQ for extrusion heat sink is 200kg.

Normally, tooling build is 7 days, production is 21 days.

Before we ship the heat sink, we will send you the inspection report and testing report.

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