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From design to prototype to production, we can meet all your needs.

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21 Years

Heat sink manufacturing and designing experience

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We built

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Meet Us

  • Based on Dongguan China, branch office in USA and Singapore.
  • 75000 foot square facility with mature production line covering CNC machining, extrusion, stamping, cold forging, die casting, skiving fin, heat pipe assembly, water cooling plate, friction stir welding, vapor chamber, heat sink assembly.
  • 21 years experience in custom heat sink design and manufacturing
  • Thermal engineer can design heat sink tailored to your needs within 1 days.
  • ISO9001 & ISO14001 & IATF16949 certified 
  • ODM & OEM service available

Pioneer Thermal Heat Sink Manufacturer

What We Can Do For You


Detail drawing review in initial stage, such as critical to function (CTF) dimension, tolerance, flatness, manufacturing process feasibility.


Design for Manufacture (DFM) is always prepared and sent along with quotation


Free design and thermal analysis can be provided before prototype build, to ensure the thermal solution is right for your application


Microsoft Teams Meeting can be arranged with you to discuss technical points & project status directly


Tight tolerance, strict flatness and different surface treatment is achievable for different heat sink types


Quick prototype building for custom heat sink within 7 days


Support small trial run with no MOQ required


In-house production line to offer short lead time for serial order


Rich experience in various industry like electronic, automotive, LED, server etc., very familiar with the quality standard so you have no worries about the heat sink quality and save the back-and-forth time

From Prototype to Production

Comprehensive heat sink manufacturing ability to meet all your needs

Extrusion heat sink manufacturer
Extrusion Heat Sink
Skived Fin Heat Sink
Cold-forging-copper-pin-fin-heat sink
Pin Fin Heat Sink
Stamping Heat Sink
Heat Pipe Heat Sink
Die Cast Heat Sink
Liquid Cooling Plate
Vapor Chamber

On-Demand Manufacturing Solutions

Whether you need prototype to test the heat sink thermal function, or you need big quantity for on-going project, we have the perfect solution.

Rapid Prototype

7 days for prototype building

Trial Run

Trial run is acceptable before going to mass production

Mass Production

Mature production line and advanced machining equipment to meet your lead time and quality demand.


Assembly service (screw, spring, fan, pad etc.) is provided.

Pioneer Thermal is a custom heat sink manufacturer and suppliers that offer a variety of heat sink manufacturing to meet all your needs, include extrusion heat sink, skived heat sink, stamped fin heat sink, forged heat sink, die cast heat sink, heat pipe heat sink, water cooled heat sink, brazed heat sink, vapor chamber. We also provide various surface treatments, such as nickel plated, anti-oxidation, electrophoresis coating, chromate, anodizing and powder coating etc. With our state-of-art equipment and production line, we have great heat sink manufacturing capability, to provide the high quality but cost-effective heat sink for our customers all over the world. Contact Us now to find out how we can benefit your heat sink business.

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Simulation & Design Service

No worries, we can simulate your own heat sink design to verify the thermal performance, or design a complete new heat sink suitable for your device.


Need Heat Sink Design?

Our seasoned engineer can design heat sink based on customers’ heat dissipation needs, and model and critique the thermal implications of customers’ design using CFD, Solidworks, ProE, and AutoCAD. This enables us to create functional thermal solutions that meet the demanding cooling requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. We can manage customers’ thermal needs from the conceptual design stage, through prototypes and into production.

Heatsink Design

Industries We Served

We have provided high quality heat sinks for various industries around the world

Consumer electronics
data center
Power Supply
Medical Equipment
New energy

Feedback From Our Customer


Pioneer Thermal is our favorite heat sink supplier, they always deliver product in time with good quality. Sometimes our project is in a rush, Pioneer Thermal will make proper production plan and advance the delivery time for us.

Heatsink Manufacturer Customer

John Schutze

Product Engineer


It is always a joy to work with Pioneer Thermal, they always response fast. What I like them most is that they help us to design, run simulation and build prototype before we go to mass production stage, this saves us a lot of time and cost.

Custom Heat Sink Manufacturer Customer

Nelson Seiberl

Project Manager


Pioneer Thermal is a long time heat sink partner for our company. I enjoy very much with working with them, they always give good suggestions  to make my design more producible and cost-affordable.

Heat Sink Suppliers Customer

David L. Beckley

Design Engineer



Yes, our factory located in Dongguan City, China. You can find the detail location on the About Us page. If you are not able to visit us due to COVID-19, we can have a video call to give you a factory tour.

Incoming material inspection, FAI, IPQC, OQC is performed for every order.

Quality comes from improvement of the production process, and that’s what we do.

We will do OQC for every shipment and make sure you get the good parts, but in case you receive any defect part, we will immediately make the analysis and find the root cause to prevent happening again. And meanwhile we will send new replacement with no excuse.

Yes, we have cooperated shipping company. Carrier, air freight, sea shipment, whatever you choose, we can arrange for you.

Fairs and Events

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Welcome to visit us at exhibition.

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We'd Love To Hear From You

Hi partner, no matter you need new design & simulation for your new project, or you need heat sink manufacturing service for current on-going project, we are at your service.

What You Get When You Send Inquiry

You can always send inquiry with drawing to mia@ptheatsink.com

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